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The leader of the geishas nodded and tapped a bamboo tube, ushering in a young woman in a golden dress, whose face was covered with a red sash. Her steps were dainty yet ethereal, and while her face was not visible, her dancing was magical. It was as if she flew in front of the various court officials and the emperor, all while pouring fragrant wine for each guest. Some officials even stood up, so amazed were they by her performance.

Just as some men wanted to get closer to her, Nongyue leapt up and shook her sleeves, tumbling out rainbow-colored sashes, which swirled around her as she danced.

Unlike other geishas, this woman’s style was feminine yet powerful. The gentle swaying of her sleeves were like swipes of sharp swords, yet without menace, turning each strong wave into a gentle breeze.

She danced faster and faster, as if she had turned into a golden cloud enveloped by rainbows. The audience was utterly enchanted.

“Who knew there was such amazing dancing? This Nongyue is really something else!” Emperor Qi clapped and told his servants to reward the dancer.

When she finished dancing, Nongyue stepped forward and bowed toward Emperor Qi. “I hope my humble dancing pleased you.”

Everyone clapped and praised the geisha; only Bingqiu seemed a little numb and didn’t react.

“No need to bow. Here, I’ll tip you well. Come—”

When Emperor Qi was stepping off his throne, his body seemed to be out of control and he swayed.

“Lord, are you all right?” His servants a.s.sumed he had over-imbibed and hurried to support him. But within seconds, his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth all gushed black blood, shocking everyone present.

“Father! What’s happening? Why is everyone standing around? Get the doctor!” Qi Huaiyi rushed forward to catch his falling father, wiping off the blood on the older man’s face with a handkerchief. Emperor Qi was already unable to talk. He was slurring his words with pale lips, and his facial muscles were twitching.

  “Huaiyi, you . . .” He collapsed into his son’s embrace, trying to touch him with the last of his energy, but his limbs wouldn’t work. He stopped breathing.

“The Emperor is gone. It seems he was poisoned . . .” Nongyue seemed to understand what had happened as she whispered to Qi Huaiyi.

“What?” Qi Huaiyi remembered how his cousin Qi Huaixin had offered his father the wine earlier. Enraged, he grabbed Qi Huaixin’s collar and tried to stab him with a knife.

Qi Huaixin was quick to react, slashing his right palm across Huaiyi’s wrist so the knife fell. Then he broke his wine gla.s.s on the ground and shouted, “Qi Huaiyi, how dare you? You wanted to be number one, so you poisoned your own father and want to kill me?”

His yelling turned the whole banquet into a hornet’s nest. Everyone gathered around them in a tight circle, and several military officials protected him like stoic mountains.

“Nonsense! My father drank the poisoned wine you offered and that’s why he died. But you’re accusing me?” Qi Huaiyi looked indignant as he gave orders to a servant. “Use a silver hairpin to test the wine in front of everyone. We’ll see who is really guilty!”   

The servant dipped a silver hairpin into the leftover goblet of wine, but when the hairpin was removed it was still shiny. Huaixin frowned. He ordered someone to grab the handkerchief from his cousin’s hand and wiped it off on the hairpin. The hairpin turned black!

“You, Qi Huaiyi, are indeed evil! Poisoning your own father for power? The heavens will not forgive you! C’mon, grab him!”

“You’re the evil one! You pretended to respect my father but really wanted to overthrow him! Why didn’t Ling Ruosong come today? He’s probably working for you, too. You’re the ones worth our scorn!”

Instantly the banquet turned into a slaughter as knives swung back and forth and bodies fell to the floor. geishas, servants, and officials were terrified as they tried to flee, only to be met with even more military officials and soldiers outside the banquet hall. The only people protecting Qi Huaiyi were Ling Bingqiu, two military officials, and six close servants.

“You must go,prince! We’ll cover you!”

Qi Huaiyi watched his underlings being cut down in pools of blood, but he couldn’t seem to take a single step. It was as if he was numb.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Someone shoved him hard in the back, awakening him from his stupor; he tried to run.

The person was Ling Bingqiu, the elderly official who had no fighting experience. At the moment, though, he carried a long sword and stood guard in front of Qi Huaiyi.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ling, I . . .” Qi Huaiyi gritted his teeth, afraid to look back. Before he could run out the door, a knife pierced his heart. When the knife was pulled, bright red blood spattered onto his face.

Qi Huaiyi collapsed in front of the killer, whose face he didn’t get to see. One of his eyes was open in desperation, while the other closed. Plum flowers in the courtyard blew every which way, covering his face and body, making it hard to tell what was flower and what was snow. The white was soon stained red with his blood.

Ling Bingqiu hurried to tend to Huaiyi, yelling as he looked up. “You rotten son, how could you collude with Qi Huaixin to kill the emperor and his son?”

Ling Ruosong sheathed his knife and laughed without mirth. “Father, you used to be pretty smart; why are you so stupid now? Prince Huaixin is a good leader, and he has already agreed to marry his sister, Princess Huaili, to the second prince of Fanling Kingdom. After getting Guimian, and controlling Fanling, too, he can rule everything. It’s a good idea that you pledge your allegiance to Prince Huaixin now. He likes talent, and you could still have a nice post in his reign.”

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