The Teesdale Angler Part 2

Web Novel The Teesdale Angler Part 2. If you are looking for The Teesdale Angler Part 2 you are coming to the right place.
The Teesdale Angler is a Webnovel created by R. Lakeland.
This lightnovel is currently completed.


The following list of flies will take fish in all Trouting streams of Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, c.u.mberland and Westmoreland.


Dark Brown.

Great Whirling Dun.

Early Bright Brown.

Blue Dun.

Little Black Gnat.


Dark Brown.

Violet Fly.

Little Whirling Dun.

Small Bright Brown.


Dun Cut.

Stone Fly.

Camlet Fly.

Cow Dung Fly.


Stone Fly.

Ant Fly.

Little Black Gnat.

Brown Palmer.

Small Red Spinner.


Orange Fly.

Wasp Fly.

Black Palmer.

July Dun.


Late Ant Fly.

Fern Fly.

White Palmer.

Pale Blue.

Harry Long Legs.


Peac.o.c.k Harl.

Camel Brown.

Late Badger.

September Dun.


Same Flies as in March.

It is best to make your Flies in a warm room, or in warm weather out of doors,–your silk will then wax kindly, which is of great consequence in making Flies.

The three best winged Flies for Spring, are the Red Fly, Blue, Dun and Brown.

The three Flies for AUTUMN are the little Whirling Blue, Pale Blue, and Willow Fly.


MARCH.–Red Fly, Dun Fly and Brown Drake.

APRIL.–The same as March with the addition of the Grannam or Green Tail, and the Spider Fly.

MAY.–The Black Caterpillar, the Little Iron Blue, the Yellow Sally Fly, the Oak Fly and the Orl Fly.

JUNE.–Sky Coloured Blue, the Cadiss Fly, the Blue Gnat, Large Red Ant Fly, Black Ant Fly, Little Whirling Blue, Pale Blue.

JULY.–Some of the same Flies as June, with the addition of the Wasp Fly, Black Palmer, July Dun, and Orange Fly.

AUGUST.–Small Red and Black Ant Flies, Willow Flies.

SEPTEMBER.–Pale Blues, and Whirling Blue.

OCTOBER.–Same as March, with the addition of the Dark and Pale Blues.

_March._–1. The Dark Brown–dubbed with the brown hair of a cow, and the grey feather of a Mallard for wings. 2. The Great Whirling Dun–dubbed with squirrels fur, for wings, grey feather of mallard. 3.

Early Bright Brown–dubbed with brown hair from behind the ears of a spaniel dog, wings from a mallard. 4. The Blue Dun–dubbed with down from a black greyhound’s neck, mixed with violet coloured blue worsted, wings pale part of a starling’s wing. 5. The Black Gnat–dubbed with black mohair, the wings of the lightest part of a starling.

_April._–1. The Dark Brown,–brown spaniel’s hair mixed with a little violet camlet, warp with yellow silk, wings, grey feather from mallard.

2. The Violet Fly–dubbed with dark violet stuff, and a little dun bear’s hair mixed with it, wings from a mallard. 3. The Little Whirling Dun–dubbed with fox cubs fur, ash coloured, ribbed about with yellow silk, wings a pale grey feather from a mallard. 4. Small Bright Brown–dubbed with camel’s hair, and marten’s yellow fur mixed, wings pale feather of a starling.

_May._–The Dun Cut–dubbed with brown hair, a little blue and yellow mixed with it, wings, woodc.o.c.k, and two horns at the head from a squirrel’s tail. 2. The Stone Fly–dubbed with dun bear’s hair, mixed with a little brown and yellow camlet, so placed that the fly may be yellower on the belly and towards the tail than any where else, place two hairs from a black cat’s beard, in such a way that they may stand upright, rib the body with yellow silk, and make the wings very large from the dark grey feathers of a mallard. 3. The Camlet Fly–dubbed with dark brown shining camlet, ribbed over with green silk, wings, grey feather of a mallard. 4. Cow Dung Fly–dubbed with light brown and yellow camlet mixed, or dirty lemon coloured mohair with the hackle of a landrail.[5]

[5] A good Fly on cold windy days.

_June._–1. The Ant Fly–dubbed with brown and red camlet mixed, wings, starling’s feather, pale. 2. Little Black Gnat–dubbed with black strands from an ostrich, wings, light feather from underneath starling’s wing. 3. Brown Palmer–dubbed with light brown seal’s hair, warped with ash coloured silk and a red hackle over the whole. 4. The Small Red Spinner–dubbed with yellow hair from behind the ear of a spaniel, ribbed with gold twist, a red hackle over the whole, the wings from a starling.[6]

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