The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 160 – Mr. Walker, I'm Chasing You

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Chapter 160: Mr. Walker, I’m Chasing You

Phoebe threw herself into Ada’s arms. “Mom, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault, but I didn’t mean to hurt Brother. I was just too scared. I have been so afraid since Claire was brought home, afraid that she would take you away from me. I know that I am not your biological daughter. What if you don’t want me anymore? I don’t have a home. Where can I go…”

She cried miserably, weeping pitifully.

Ada couldn’t bear to blame her and sighed. “Ok, I understand your feelings, but you went too far in this matter. Do you know how many people are laughing at us behind our backs?”

Phoebe’s tears streamed down her cheeks, and her throat became hoa.r.s.e from crying. “I already regret it. If what I did can be undone, I definitely won’t do this. Dad and Brother must hate me so much. I don’t expect them to forgive me, but please don’t ignore me. They can just beat and scold me…”

Listening to her earnest words, Ada felt her heart ache. “Your father’s temper is easy come easy go. As for Sheldon… he has been doting on you since you were a child, so I don’t think he will be angry at you. Have a talk with him. Maybe he’ll forgive you tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you, Mom…” Phoebe nodded vigorously, tears filled her eyes, but there was no trace of sadness or regret in her eyes.

Sure enough, as long as she cried, her mother couldn’t bear to blame her.


After school.

Derek took the exercise book and walked into the teachers’ office.

There was no one inside except a teacher sorting up his things. The seat by the window was empty.

Derek leaned against the door and asked coldly. “Where is Mr. Walker?”

The teacher turned his head and looked at him. “Mr. Walker… has already left.”

Derek narrowed his black eyes


He had been like this for several days in a row.

James was hiding from him?

On the other side, the parking lot.

James raised his arm, pressed the key, and walked to a gray Mercedes-Benz, ready to open the door.

Suddenly, there were rapid footsteps behind him.

He looked back, only to see a figure pouncing on him.

Then there was a bang.

Derek supported his hands against the car and trapped James in his arms.

James was startled, and the coat on his arm fell to the ground.

His back pressed against the car door, and a trace of panic flashed through his ever calm eyes. “What are you doing?!”

Derek stared at him deeply with a touch of anger on his face, and his voice was cold. “Mr. Walker, are you hiding from me?”

James was 6 feet tall, but Derek was half a head taller than him. Held firmly by the boy, he could only slightly twist his head aside. “I just got off work normally. There is no such thing as hiding from you.”

“Okay, then I’ll come straight to the point!” Derek irritably pulled his collar, and the next second, he suddenly pinched James’s chin and forced him to look at him. “Mr. Walker, don’t tell me you haven’t found out till now that I’m chasing you.”

James’s pupils shrank, and his gentle face was gradually occupied by consternation. “Chasing me?!”

“Yes. Otherwise, why do you think I would waste my time learning that d.a.m.n English from you every day?” Derek curled up his lips and his aggressive gaze swept over James’s face.

Then he bent down, leaned close to his ear, and said darkly, “Mr. Walker, I am not interested in English but in you.”

James pushed him away, clenching the door handle.

His eyes kept blinking with nervousness. “Don’t crack such a silly joke.”

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