The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 161 – How Could He Be Emperor You?

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Chapter 161: How Could He Be Emperor You?

“Who is joking with you?” Derek grabbed James’s wrist forcefully, not allowing him to move.

At this time, several teachers came to the parking lot.

James quickly broke free, turned his face sideways, and put away his panic expression.

The teachers looked at them curiously.

Derek gave a dry cough and calmly bent down. He picked up the coat on the ground, shaking the dust off it.

Then, he put the coat on James’s shoulders, pulled the coat to drag him closer, almost imprisoning him in his arms. He looked at him, speaking in a voice that only the two of them could hear. “Mr. Walker, I’ll let you go today, but don’t you even think of running away from me. Let’s continue this talk tomorrow.”

With that, he slowly let go of his hand. He turned around and left.

James took a step backward and leaned so heavily on the car that his back ached. He looked at the young man’s slender figure, his pupils shaking violently behind the lenses.

Claire had just walked out of the school gate when she received a message on her cell phone.

[Dr. Venus, you need to go back to the Life-Death Sect now.]

Claire narrowed her eyes.

She had rarely been called back so urgently.

Reaching the Life-Death Sect, she took the elevator to go upstairs.

“Doctor Venus, the president, and a guest are waiting for you.” The guard opened the door of the president’s office for her.


Claire stepped inside, and the door closed behind her with a loud bang.

In the room, the president was sitting on the sofa, and a man was sitting opposite him.

The man leaned against the chair, wearing a black s.h.i.+rt with an open neckline, revealing his delicate collarbone. His long legs were crossed, and one of his slender and white hands was placed on the backrest while the other was holding a book.

He bowed his head and looked sideways. His black hair strands slid down, setting off his fair skin. He looked wicked yet majestic, and under his long eyelashes, his sharp black eyes were very attractive. His nose was tall and straight, and his s.e.xy thin lips were slightly pursed.

There was something awe-inspiring about him.

He was like a sharp blade soaked in blood.

Two people stood behind him.

Claire only glanced at him and then quickly retracted her gaze.

The president stood up. “Doctor Venus, let me introduce to you, this is the King of Li Kingdom.”

A king?

Claire nodded slightly, with no expression on her face.

The man seemed to disdain her and didn’t even lift his head. There was an arrogant look on his face.

“Take a seat.” The president seemed to be used to it.

Claire sat down aside.

The president made a cup of tea for her. “I called you back because King Muller wants you to find two people for him.”


Hearing her voice, Ethan Muller stopped flipping through the book. He finally raised his head and glanced at Claire coldly, sizing her up with his sharp eyes.

Then, he curved the corners of his lips and seemed to grow a bit interested in her.

The president said solemnly, “Emperor You.”

Emperor You?

The terrifying tyrant Emperor You, who once ruled the East Continent, launched wars and disturbed the peace of the twelve kingdoms.

Claire asked unhurriedly. “Are there any photos?”

“No, but there are portraits.”

As soon as the president said so, someone from Ethan Muller’s entourage handed her a piece of paper.

Claire took it and looked at it closely. The next second, her always calm eyes suddenly widened and her beautiful face paled instantly.

On the paper was a portrait of a man, painted very vividly.

The man was very handsome, his pupils were slightly dark, and there was a mole at the corner of his eye. There was something n.o.ble and cold about him.

This was… Hunter Johnson!

How could he be Emperor You?!

“Is there any problem?” Ethan Muller asked, his voice was low and mellow, like music played on a piano, with the ultimate charm and s.e.xiness.

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