The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 167 – Who Is Sister Ikkyu?

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Chapter 167: Who Is Sister Ikkyu?

They all sat on the cement pipe.

Jacob opened a pack of peanuts and threw a can of beer to Claire. “Hey Girl, if you can’t drink, just take one or two sips. We won’t force you.”

Claire took it, opened the pull ring with one hand, and poured the beer into her mouth without a word.

Seeing this, Jacob was dumbfounded.

Did he see it wrong?

Not to be outdone, he poured beer into his mouth too.

Kenny was fiddling with the computer.

Jacob patted him on the shoulder. “What are you doing? Let’s drink!”

Kenny pointed to the computer. “I just got an order? Who will go?”

“Is the prey a male or female?”


“Haha!” Jacob waved his hand. “Since it’s a male, let Sister Ikkyu do it. She’s a true professional.”

Claire threw a peanut into her mouth. “Who is Sister Ikkyu? Do you a.s.sign tasks based on s.e.x?”

“Sister Ikkyu is Amelia. She is only willing to take the male-prey task, and…” Eugene whispered to Claire. “Every time she completes a task, she will cut off that organ of the target… Have you watched the famous cartoon ‘Ikkyu-san’? Do you know what the theme song is?”

Claire shrugged, not interested in this trivia.

Eugene smiled wickedly. “The first line of the theme song sounds like ‘Cut off his eggs, cut off his eggs”… so we gave her the nickname, Sister Ikkyu.”

Claire subconsciously touched her earlobe.

Umm, interesting.

Sitting next to her, Eugene noticed her move, and his smile suddenly froze. A sharp gleam flickered across his eyes.

He took a mouthful of wine, but his gaze was fixed on Claire.

Not long after, Jacob got drunk. Clutching the necklace on his chest, his cheeks flushed, and he lisped to Claire. “Promise me that you will never ever touch my necklace again. It is as important as my life…”

Claire raised her eyebrows. “Is there any story behind the necklace?”

She had discovered last time that the necklace was very important to him.

They suddenly fell silent.

After a while, Kenny started speaking, his expression was gloomy, and his voice was dull. “That’s Jacob’s daughter’s necklace. Jacob used to be a butcher. Then he started doing business, and his life was quite happy. Once he went on a business trip, his wife went out to have an affair with another man and left their two-year-old daughter at home alone. A fire broke out and his daughter… was burned alive.

Jacob was so distraught that he killed his wife and her adulterer and was thrown into jail. Spending a few years in jail, he escaped from jail, ran to his daughter’s grave, and was about to die there but was saved by our boss.”

Delirious due to alcohol, Jacob fell on the cement pipe, clutching the necklace, crying like a child.

Claire pursed her lips.

The atmosphere became dull inexplicably.

“Let bygones be bygones. Let’s continue to drink!” Kenny hurriedly turned off the subject and clinked the can with Claire.

After drinking, it was getting late.

Eugene took Claire back to the theater.

After Evans and the head of the troupe finished chatting, the car stopped at the door, and they were ready to go back.

Ada rushed to Claire. “Claire, where were you?! We couldn’t find you. We spent so much time waiting for you!”

Smelling a pungent smell of alcohol, she frowned. “Did you drink?!”

Claire ignored her, got straight into the car, and closed her eyes.

They didn’t return to the Smiths’ house

Instead, the car stopped at the Taylors’ villa.

As soon as Claire got out of the car, she received a call from Noah.

She took the phone, walked slowly to a remote corner, and pressed the answer b.u.t.ton.

“What’s up?”

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