The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 171 – Wrong, Wrong, Wrong Again

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Chapter 171: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong Again

Autumn Go Club…

“OK.” Claire crossed her legs and readily agreed.


Phoebe reached Evans’ house.

Two elderly people sat on the sofa in the living room.

“Grandpa, Grandpa Johnny.” She walked over, calling them affectionately and showing a sweet smile.

John Franklin stood up with a cane, his face full of joy. “Oh, Phoebe, I haven’t seen you in years. You’ve grown so tall?”

Phoebe lowered her head shyly.

At this moment, Evans said, “There is another girl coming over today.”

Upon hearing this, Phoebe was stunned, with an inexplicable bad feeling.

Is it…

“Oh! Here she came!” Evans pointed toward the door.

They turned their heads and saw Claire walk in from outside the door.

She was wearing a black dress and a peaked cap. The brim of the hat was pulled low, covering most of her face. Only her slightly upturned pink lips could be seen.

With her hands in her pockets, she walked over lightly.

When she walked into the living room, she took off her hat. Her black hair poured down, and her delicate face was exposed. She slightly raised her dark eyes, looking a bit lazy.

Phoebe clenched her hands tightly, feeling tightness in her chest.

How could Grandpa call her over? Wasn’t this like a slap in her face?!

“This is…” A gleam of astonishment flashed through John’s eyes.

Evans introduced. “Claire, my granddaughter.”

Hearing this, John understood.

He heard about the Smiths’ long-lost true daughter, who was said to be a little punk. Therefore, he held some contempt for her, his att.i.tude became cold, and he simply ignored Claire.

“Phoebe, have you learned Go before?”

“No, but I was very interested in Go when I was a child.” Phoebe lied without batting her eyelids.

Evans showed a surprised look.

When he was playing Go before, this girl didn’t even look at it and complained that this thing was boring.

But he didn’t expose her lie and turned away from the subject. “John, let’s go to the second floor and have a few games of Go? Let the two little girls watch us play.”


The two were friends, but while playing Go, they had always been adversaries. They were never willing to surrender to each other but desperate to prove they were better than the other.

They came to the study room on the second floor and sat down in front of the game board.

Halfway through a game, John suddenly looked at Phoebe next to him. “Phoebe, where do you think I should put this piece?”

Phoebe tilted her head for some thought and pointed to someplace on the game board. “Here.”

Seeing the old man smile with satisfaction, she was relieved that she was right.

Evans also asked Claire on his side. “Girl, where do you think I should go next?”

Claire glanced at the game board and gave the answer without hesitation. “There.”

Evans instantly frowned.

She made a mistake, a mistake that shouldn’t be made. The mistake was so wrong that she simply gave the opportunity to the other party for nothing.

Phoebe pursed her lips and smirked.

She had thought that Claire was good at Go. It turned out that she was no match for her.

John also sighed. Why did Evans bother to ask this stupid girl? She simply ruined this game!

Losing the interest in continuing with the game, he simply continued to ask Phoebe. “What about now?”

Because of the mistake Claire made, he was going to win this game.

Excited, Phoebe pointed to a piece close to Claire, choosing to continue attacking.

Evans looked at Claire. “What do you think?”

Claire raised her chin and signaled a place on the game board with her eyes.

Evans had a terrible headache.

Wrong, wrong, wrong again!

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