The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 177 – I've Kissed You

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Chapter 177: I’ve Kissed You

Gallon said dully, “You should have guessed it, right?”


He slowly raised his head, as if exhausted, and threw a bleak smile at Claire. “So, you hate me and want to run away from me, right?”

Claire blinked her eyes. “That thought didn’t cross my mind.”

“Then why didn’t you come to me during this time? You didn’t even call me?!” Gallon suddenly raised his voice, as if accusing her.

Claire tilted her head and showed a puzzled look. “Didn’t you say you wanted to be quiet?”

“I… I just said that. Didn’t you know what I really meant? Can’t you…”

Can’t you just say a few words to comfort me?

Claire shrugged and said seriously, “I just did what you asked.”


Gallon really wanted to knock her head open to check what was wrong with her mind.

“By the way, I found something interesting.” Claire took out a doc.u.ment from her school bag and handed it to Gallon.

Gallon took it and read it carefully. “Blood reports? Whose?”

“Some time ago, a group of people was sent to the Life-Death Sect. These blood reports belong to them. The data is very strange. Besides, they have no names and no nationalities. I can’t find any information regarding their ident.i.ty.”

Gallon touched his chin, then as if something occurred to him, his eyes lit up. “If this is the case, these people are likely to be from the Zhao Kingdom.”

“The Zhao Kingdom?”

She had never heard of this country.

“Everyone thinks that there are only twelve kingdoms on the four continents, but in fact, it should be 13 kingdoms. In addition to the three kingdoms of Li, Jiang, and Ming, there is also a very small kingdom, Zhao Kingdom. Unfortunately, seven or eight years ago, the people of this kingdom disappeared mysteriously overnight.” Gallon narrowed his eyes and stared at the data on the blood report. “It is rumored that the blood of the Zhao Kingdom people has special uses. Is it true?”

“So, they are studying the blood of the Zhao Kingdom people?” Claire smiled coldly.

Really interesting.

Gallon clenched the report in his hand and looked at Claire solemnly. “The development of the special medicine may be a huge scam.”


Teachers’ office.

The monthly test had just ended, and the teachers were scoring the test papers.

James picked out Derek’s test paper and found that it was full and neatly written.

The Chinese teacher leaned over to take a look and couldn’t help but exclaim., “My G.o.d, did I see it wrong? Little Overlord actually finished the English test paper!”

With a clatter, other teachers all surrounded them to watch.

“Mr. Walker, you’re really awesome! Only a few months after you came here, you managed to subdue Little Overlord!”

“How did you do it? Teach us!”

James lowered his head and concealed the gleam of joy in his eyes. There was still a big turtle drawn on the test paper, and he wiped it gently with his fingertips.

After school.

James had just packed his things.

Derek walked into the office at this moment and patted the test paper on the desk in front of him.

James pushed his and raised his head. “Derek, any problem?”

The boy raised his head arrogantly. “This time, I pa.s.sed the English test!”

“Well, and?”

Derek stretched out his hand, with a particularly overbearing tone. “So, I want a reward.”

James looked at him calmly. “No reward.”

“Why?” Derek curled his lips. “I have listened to you obediently and wrote the test papers carefully, and I pa.s.sed the exam!”

“Many students have pa.s.sed the exam. Do I have to reward all of them?”

Hearing this, Derek frowned, looking very unhappy. “But I’m different from them!”

James smiled. “Well, why are you different?”

Derek shouted angrily. “I’ve kissed you!”

James suddenly covered the boy’s mouth, his eyes widened behind the lenses. “Don’t talk nonsense. That’s not kissing.”

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