The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 179 – Grabbing The Antibody Serum

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Chapter 179: Grabbing The Antibody Serum

Bill threw him onto the bed until he was about to suffocate.

“Take off your clothes.”

His expression was cold, and his voice was icy.

Paul’s eyes widened and his voice was hoa.r.s.e. “But… there are many people out there…”

Bill gave a wicked smile. “Are you trying to defy my orders?”

Paul bit his lip, stretched out his hand slowly, and unb.u.t.toned his clothes tremblingly.

Bill seemed impatient. He walked over and held Paul’s shoulders. He tore his clothes into pieces rudely, and rode on him.

In the evening, Claire left the Garcias’ house.

Noah called her and said, “The antibody serum will be sent to the Ye Kingdom by sea.”


Noah replied. “Next Wednesday. We have to find a way to get the serum. You can try to get some information from Angus about who will go to the harbor to pick it up.”

In the development of the special medicine project, it seemed that there was a rejection-reaction problem. It happened that the Li Kingdom side found an antibody on a certain patient. After the antibody was extracted, the patient died. Therefore, this small tube of antibody serum was very important for the special medicine project.

On the weekend, Claire came to the Garcias’ house again.

Paul was in the garden, holding a kettle to water the flowers.

Seeing Claire, he stopped and smiled at her.

The two sat down in the courtyard to chat.

Claire took a sip of hot tea and asked seemingly inadvertently. “Is President Garcia very busy? I want to come to learn Go on Wednesday, but he said he is not free.”

Paul nodded. “Wednesday he and my master are going out for an errand.”

An errand?

So, were Angus and Bill going to the harbor together?

Paul was a little depressed. “I follow my master wherever he goes, but this time, he refused to take me or tell me what he was going to do…”

Claire raised her eyebrows and smiled. “I see…”

Paul made tea for her, and his cuffs were inadvertently lifted, revealing the blue-purple bruises on his wrists.

Claire noticed that there was a plaster on his neck, his face was sickly white, and his body swayed with the breeze as if he was going to fall the next second.

“Does your master often bully you like this?”

Paul was startled, covered his neck subconsciously, and hurriedly explained, “No… actually, my master… is very nice to me.”

Claire stared at his wrist. “If he is nice to you, why does he hurt you?”

“My master is just a bit grumpy. When I was injured, he would scold me. However, at night, he would sneak into my room and apply medicine for me while I was asleep.”

Paul slowly lowered his head, and his voice grew lighter and lighter with the wind. “Actually, my master is very pitiful…”

Claire didn’t have the habit of being nosy, so she looked away and stopped talking.

Wednesday, early morning.

Claire put on a black suit, wiped the gun clean, stuffed it into her pocket, then put on a hat, and covered her face with a mask.

Leaving the Smiths’ house, she walked to the bus stop and glanced at her watch.

It was still early.

Not long after, an off-roader drove over. Jacob was sitting inside and whistled at her. “Hey! Girl, get in the car!”

Claire got into the car, and Kenny on the co-pilot seat waved to her. “For our first-time cooperation, please render your help.”

“Noah called you over?” Claire was a little surprised.

She had planned to act alone.

Jacob replied. “Yes, she told you to try not to show up in the front , in case your ident.i.ty gets revealed. We’ll do the dangerous work.”

The three of them drove to the North Harbor.

This place had been abandoned for years, the surrounding was dilapidated, and no one was around.

Looking from a distance, the sea was azure blue, the waves rolled, and the wind was mixed with a salty breath.

They found a hidden place to wait.

Jacob smoked a cigarette. “I haven’t done such a thing for a long time. I feel a little nervous.”

Claire looked at the two of them. “If we can’t get it, it’s fine. Being alive is the most important thing.”

Kenny suddenly laughed. “Why do you talk like our boss? She would tell us the same when there was a mission before.”

“Shhh, someone has come!” Jacob threw the cigarette to the ground and stamped it out with his foot.

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