The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 189 – Did You Get The Wrong Person?

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Chapter 189: Did You Get The Wrong Person?

“Claire, how are you doing?”

The man asked, his voice was careful as if he was afraid of scaring her.

Claire frowned and looked at him indifferently. “Do we know each other?”

The man took off his mask, revealing a stunningly handsome face.

His black hair was hanging down, his skin was fair, and underneath his delicate brow bones, his eyes were deep and dark. He slightly pursed his thin lips. A dark gleam flickered across his unfathomable eyes and the tear mole under his eyelids added a touch of wickedness to him.

He looked rebellious, awe-inspiring yet fatally attractive.

Spark slowly raised Claire’s chin and smiled. “Claire, do you know me now?”

Claire’s gaze swept across his face emotionlessly. “No.”

“You say it again!” The man suddenly held the back of her head and pulled her head close.

His eyes turned bloodshot as if he was about to tear her to pieces. “Look at my face. Tell me do you know me or not?!”

Claire tried to push the man’s chest away and looked away, refusing to look at him, her att.i.tude firm. “I want to leave this place.”

Spark leaned down to Claire’s ear and murmured in a cold voice. “Claire, you’re not going anywhere, you can only stay by my side.”

The man’s breath hit her ears, giving her a tickling itch. Claire shrank her shoulders to keep a distance from him and could no longer fight back her anger. “What the h.e.l.l do you want to do? I said I don’t know you. I have a family, my mother is waiting for me at home!”

“Then what about me?!” Spark cupped Claire’s face and his eyes gradually turned moist.

Like an abandoned child, he shouted hysterically at her. “Claire, I have been waiting for you for three years! Why… why can’t you think of me? Huh?”

“Did you get the wrong person?”

Claire didn’t know what he was talking about.

The man stared at her firmly, and a hot flame suddenly surged from the bottom of his deep dark eyes. He suddenly lowered his head, held her lips in his mouth, and rubbed them with his teeth.

Claire’s pupils shrank, and she grabbed the knife behind her and stabbed the man mercilessly.

Spark’s eyes darkened, and he deflected his body instantly, but the sharp blade still cut his arm.

Claire took the opportunity to kick him away.

She shrank into the corner of the bed, held the knife in front of her, and said fiercely, “If you dare to touch me again, I will kill you!”

The man supported the edge of the bed with one hand and covered his arm with the other. Blood oozed from between his fingers, but he didn’t even frown. He just pursed his thin lips tightly. His eyes were bloodshot as if he was trying to restrain himself.

After a moment of silence, Spark slowly lowered his head and said in a dumb voice, “Blood will stain you. I will come back after I clean myself up.”

With that, he turned and left the room.

Claire’s tense body finally relaxed, and she quickly rushed to the door, but as expected, the door was locked.

She ran to the floor-to-ceiling windows, only to find that it was a full dozen stories above the ground here.

Claire looked at the curtains beside the bed and walked over quickly, trying to remove them with the knife.

Suddenly, the door opened again.

Claire immediately put away the knife.

A maid walked into the room, placed the food on the table, and turned to leave.

“Wait.” Claire stopped her.

The maid kept her head down, seemingly afraid to look at her.

Claire asked her. “Where is this?”

The maid answered carefully. “This is the East Continent.”

East Continent?

Claire’s heart sank rapidly.

East Continent and West Continent were too far apart. How would she go back?

“Who is the man in the mask?” Claire continued to question her.

“He is the overlord of the entire East Continent, and we all call him… Emperor You.” When mentioning the name, the maid’s voice trembled.

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