The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 190 – Escape

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Chapter 190: Escape

Claire clenched the knife behind her.

It turned out to be him?!

The name of Emperor You had already shocked the entire Four Continents. It was rumored that he was a fierce, brutal, decisive guy who had destroyed the three Kingdoms of the East Continent overnight. Blood flowed into rivers and corpses littered across the fields wherever he went.

He had stepped on countless corpses and ascended to the pinnacle of power.

It was said that he had a capable subordinate who was executed just because he said something to offend him.

People like him had black hearts and cold blood.

If she wanted to escape, it would be very difficult.

The servant left the room.

Until late at night, Spark didn’t appear again.

Claire removed all the curtains, tied them up, twisted them into a firm rope, and tied one end to the bedpost and the other to her waist.

She pushed open the window. The night wind carried a bitter chill. She peered down. It was pitch-dark like a bottomless abyss.

Claire supported the edge of the window with one hand and jumped out. She held the rope, and slid down bit by bit along the wall.

She was flexible and agile and managed to climb down effortlessly.

The rope was not long enough, and there was still a little distance from the ground. Claire simply untied the rope, jumped down, and landed lightly on the ground.

Without any hesitation, she turned to escape as soon as possible.

However, just after she took a step, sounds of hurried footsteps suddenly came from the top of her head, and then beams of white light fell on her.

Immediately, there was a sharp whistle sound.

Numerous guards poured out from all directions, surrounding her.

Claire closed her eyes irritably.

What was deployed nearby was the most advanced defense system.


The man’s cold voice sounded in the distance.

The guards gave way to both sides, bowing their heads respectfully, not daring to look up.

A tall and slender figure came out of the night.

Walking to Claire, Spark pinched her cheek with one hand and then leaned over, pressing his thin icy lips against her ear.

“Claire is not good. Why aren’t you in bed now that it is so late? Where do you want to go?”

The man’s terrifying voice was like a devil whispering, surrounded by a dangerous aura.

Claire raised the knife and swung it at him fiercely.

Spark suddenly grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back. Then, holding her a.s.s, he carried her directly on his shoulder.

Unable to move, Claire opened her mouth and bit the man’s neck hard.

Soon, the tip of her tongue tasted a hint of blood.

Spark didn’t groan at all as if he could not feel any pain.

Back in the room, he pressed Claire onto the bed.

The corners of Claire’s lips were still stained with blood, and a murderous aura almost burst out of her eyes. “If you don’t let me go, one day I will kill you!”

The man was not irritated and smoothed her frowned eyebrows with his fingertips. He said with a tone of indulgence, “Whatever Claire wants, I will give you, including my life.”

Claire felt that she was going crazy.

“What the h.e.l.l do you want to do?!”

Spark slowly leaned over, tilting his head on Claire’s shoulder, with an extremely humble posture, and almost pleadingly said, “Claire, stay by my side…”

Claire’s mind was racing, and after a while, she calmly replied. “It’s too boring here. I want a computer with internet access.”

“Do you promise to stay?” Spark suddenly raised his head, looking at Claire with glowing eyes. The rumored brutal man was as happy as a child at this moment.

Claire didn’t speak.

The next day, someone brought her a computer.

As long as the computer was connected to the Internet, she could hack into the system here.

Claire quickly tapped and typed out a string of codes.

Ten minutes later, she succeeded.

She remotely hacked into all the monitoring and alarms systems here.

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