The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 192 – Do You Really Remember Nothing?

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Chapter 192: Do You Really Remember Nothing?

She tilted her head, staring at the moonlight outside the window. She put the knife on her chest, and slowly curled up.

Is Mom alright?

She was sleepless all night.

Early in the morning, the door was opened and a woman walked in.

She wore a neat suit, her long hair was pulled into a bun behind her head, and a gun and a walkie-talkie were hanging at her waist. There was something cold and about her.

Claire’s pupils shrank and she suddenly grabbed the knife beside the pillow. “It’s you?!”

It was this woman who took her away from home.

“What is your purpose for bringing me here?” Claire asked coldly.

The woman looked at her suspiciously. “Do you really remember nothing?”

Claire narrowed her vigilant eyes. “What should I remember?”

The woman fell silent.

After a while, she lowered her head and said, “My name is Noah Baker. From today, I will be your personal bodyguard and take care of your daily life.”

Claire frowned in disgust. “I don’t need it.”

Noah didn’t speak anymore and silently exited the room.

At noon, Noah came in to deliver food.

“You’ve been having trouble with your stomach. Eat something mild.”

Having no good impression of her, Claire asked. “Where is the girl who delivered me food before?”

Noah replied. “Killed.”

Claire’s expression changed. “Why?”

“Because she saw your face.”

Just because of this, she was killed?

Claire subconsciously touched the veil on her face.

Seeing Noah walking outside, Claire called her without any emotion in her tone. “It’s too stuffy in the room. I want to go out for a walk.”

Noah’s eyes slightly lit up, and she seemed a little happy. “OK, but not during the day. I will take you out at night.”

After dark, Noah appeared as promised.

She took Claire out of the room and went to the lobby on the first floor.

The floor paved with black marble reflected blurred figures. Outside the circular arch, there was a cloister with no end in sight.

The overhead chandelier was dim, and the dark gray walls made the empty hall look even more gloomy and depressing.

Seeing Claire, all the servants retreated to the corner. They bowed their heads respectfully, and did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Claire observed the surroundings silently.

She wanted to investigate the place clearly enough so that she could work out a new escape plan.

She followed Noah to the garden and they walked on the cobblestone path.

It was autumn, but it was still full of fresh, delicate flowers here, swaying in the wind.

“These flowers are planted by Emperor You for you. He hired the best gardeners to ensure that they can bloom even in winter.” Noah said as she walked.

Absent-minded, Claire didn’t watch her steps. She suddenly stumbled on a stone, staggered a few steps, and fell to the ground.

With a click, she sprained her ankle.

“Miss Claire!” Noah exclaimed and hurriedly helped Claire up. “Are you alright? I’ll call a doctor right away!”

“No need.” Claire withdrew her arm indifferently and said expressionlessly, “It doesn’t hurt much. I’m going back.”

She turned and limped into the hall.

Noah followed, trying to reach out to help.

Claire frowned, and her voice was cold. “Don’t touch me.”

Returning to the room with difficulty, she lifted the skirt and found that her ankle was bruised and swollen.

Claire didn’t bother to deal with this minor injury.

At midnight, in her sleep, she suddenly felt something cold was touching her ankle.

Claire opened her eyes, only to see a dark figure at the end of the bed.

She immediately turned on the light.

It was Spark.

Sitting by the bed, he had removed the quilt and held Claire’s ankle with one hand.

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