The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 196 – Don't Touch My Claire

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Chapter 196: Don’t Touch My Claire

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Spark didn’t speak and picked himself up with difficulty. He took three steps and knelt again, his pupils trembling fiercely due to pain.

In the end, he could no longer stand and almost crawled forward, but he still managed to finish kneeling on those more than a thousand steps.

When he arrived at the gate of Gold Chime Temple, Noah hurriedly helped him up.

The skin and flesh of his knees were mangled, with gravel and sand embedded in. Even white bones were faintly visible, and the blood was trickling down his legs to the ground.

Spark pushed Noah away and stumbled into the temple gate.

A huge Buddha statue stood inside.

He knelt down with a plop and straightened his waist.. He raised his head, stared at the Buddha statue rebelliously, and said sternly, “Listen carefully, if there is retribution for me, put it on me. Don’t touch my Claire!”

Noah paced back and forth in anxiety outside.

Soon, Spark staggered out and she immediately came up to him. Before she had time to speak, however, she saw the man shake and fall to the ground severely.

“Emperor You!”

In the evening, the sunset poured into the room.

Claire slowly woke up on the bed, staring at the pure white ceiling, her pupils focusing little by little.

The voice of the servants rang in her ears. “She woke up. She finally woke up!”

On the other side, the doctor was dealing with Spark’s wounds.

His knees were badly mangled. Pebbles were embedded deeply into the flesh, and the doctor had to pick them out one by one and then bandage the wound with medicine.

The potion soaked into the flesh, giving him a heart-piercing pain.

Spark paled and clenched his hands into fists so hard that his bones creaked but he didn’t make any sound at all.

He might have to be in rehab for a long time.

The doctor told him not to walk around at least during this month.

The door was knocked, and a servant reported outside. “Miss Claire is awake.”

Spark got up with a jerk but tore the wound on his knee, causing him to fall severely on the sofa. The gauze soaked in the blood instantly.

Noah hurriedly stopped him. “The doctor said you can’t walk around. Let me get you a wheelchair.”

She got a wheelchair, helped Spark sit on it, and pushed him out.

At the door, the man suddenly said, “Wait, let me look in the mirror first.”

Noah pushed Spark to the bathroom.

Spark stared at himself in the mirror. His hair was messy and his face was gaunt. As he hadn’t slept for a long time, he had a pair of dark circles and his knees were still stained with blood.

He suddenly felt a hint of timidity, and slowly lowered his head, his voice hoa.r.s.e. “I’ll go over later.”

This look would scare Claire.

Noah went to take care of Claire in Spark’s place.

Claire was sitting by the bed, staring at the dead branches outside the window, seemingly in a trance.

“What’s wrong with me?”

Seeing her look well, Noah breathed a sigh of relief and replied. “You suddenly fell into a coma, and the doctors couldn’t find out the reason. The Menglai Clan man said that this was the retribution caused by Emperor You and asked him to go to Gold Chime Temple, kneeling and kowtowing along the way to wash away his sins.”

Claire narrowed her eyes. “And then?”

“To save your life, Emperor You knelt and kowtowed all the way to Gold Chime Temple for five days and five nights without stopping. His knees were all torn and the ground was soaked in his blood.” Noah observed Claire’s reaction, only to find that she looked indifferent and didn’t seem to be moved at all. “Don’t you… have anything to say?”

Claire glanced at Noah sideways. “What should I say?”

Noah couldn’t believe it and said hoa.r.s.ely, “Is your heart… really this cold?”

Claire remained silent.

Late at night, after Claire fell asleep, Spark came to her room alone in a wheelchair.

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