The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 199 – Welcome To The Death Alliance

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Chapter 199: Welcome To The Death Alliance

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Claire took the boy back to the apartment to treat him.

The boy didn’t wake up until the third night.

Claire leaned on the sofa, and Amelia put her head on her knees.

The boy’s head was wrapped in gauze, and he looked at them blankly.

Claire asked lazily. “What’s your name?”

He opened his pale lips and his voice was hoa.r.s.e. “Kenny Lewis. You saved me…”

“It’s me, but I won’t save you for no reason. You need to return the favour..”

“What… do you want from me?”

Claire smiled and said unhurriedly, “Follow my orders and work for me.”

At midnight, the wind was piercingly cold.

Claire escaped from You Palace again.

There was an empty car parked on the roadside with the key hanging on the door.

Obviously, Spark had prepared it for her.

It was really tiring to walk down the hillside every time.

Claire got in the car, and Amelia and Kenny followed her.

In the cemetery, it was pitch black and the wind was whistling, like a devil’s cry, adding a touch of gloom and weirdness. A few black crows were perched on the graves.

Jacob collapsed in front of a tombstone, dying. In a trance, he heard a girl’s soft voice.

“Hey! Wake up!”

He opened his eyelids laboriously and vaguely saw three figures in front of him.

A few days later, Jacob woke up and found himself in a strange room with three people standing by the bed.

A girl with a white gauze covering her face, a boy, and a little girl.

“Who… are you?!”

Amelia opened her arms and smiled warmly. “Welcome to… the Death Alliance!”


It was raining outside.

In the theater, it was noisy.

The head of the troupe kicked Eugene on the ground and stomped on his shoulder severely. “You want to play the leading role? Who do you think you are?! I am the most famous actor on the East Continent. Who the f*ck are you?!”

Eugene raised his head, revealing his beautiful face and his charming eyes.

He sneered. “You’ve been trying to bring me down all this time. Is it because my voice is better than yours, and you’re afraid that I will take your place?!”

“You think too highly of yourself! Okay, I’ll let you sing. Let’s see how many people come to support you!” The head of the troupe said viciously.

A few days later, Eugene wore beautiful makeup and went on stage to sing.

It was his first time singing on the stage, and there was no one in the audience.

The head of the troupe was a famous actor in the East Continent. He was very popular and knew a lot of celebrities. Every time he performed, many people would come to support him.

Hearing it would be an unknown actor to perform today, no one was willing to come.

The head of the troupe purposely had the canopy removed.

Everyone in the troupe was waiting to see Eugene make a scene of himself.

At the door, the ticket seller yawned and began to doze.

A slender figure came over from the rain and put away the umbrella.

Claire stood under the eaves, her veil fluttering in the wind, and her white and delicate jaw looming.

“Can I buy a ticket?”

The ticker seller’s eyes widened and he explained. “It’s not our troupe head’s show today. It’s Eugene singing.”

Claire asked coldly. “Can’t I listen to his show?”

“You can, but the canopy is removed. You’ll have to stand in the rain and listen to him sing.”

Claire raised her hand. “I have an umbrella.”

Uncle was speechless. “Well…”

Claire frowned, asking impatiently. “Are you going to sell me a ticket or not?”

The ticket seller could only do so.

On the stage, Eugene braced himself up to sing, when he saw a girl walking in with an umbrella. He was stunned and stiffened.

Claire raised her umbrella slightly, revealing her cold face, and looked at the man on the stage. “Why don’t you start singing?”

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