The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 231 – Big Sister Claire, What Do You Want To Do?!

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Chapter 231: Big Sister Claire, What Do You Want To Do?!

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Claire turned her head to look at them. With encouragement in her eyes, she smiled at them. “Killing two professional players, you guys are already very good.”

“Big Sister Claire…”

They were so touched that they almost cried.

“Hey!” Zack said in contempt to Claire, “You still have time to admit defeat.”

Claire stared at the screen, narrowing her eyes slightly. “You still have time to say your last words.”

Zack’s eyes widened and he was speechless again.

Only Claire was left.

The three people on Zack’s side didn’t take her seriously at all. Their avatars even picked flowers and wandered around, looking very leisurely.

Claire was hiding in the bushes, looking at them.

They must be separated and killed one by one.

But now the key was that she had no sniper rifle bullets in her backpack.

“Claire, there are bullets on the gra.s.s over there!” Chuck was watching the battle and spoke in his headset.

Joe asked him. “How can she pick them? She will be exposed as soon as she goes out.”

Claire didn’t speak. She went through the bushes to the other side, found a car, got in quickly, and drove in Zack’s direction.

Outside, everyone looked up at the big screen.

“Look, what does she want to do?!”

“Is she trying to run Zack and the others over with a car? Hahaha…”

Sure enough, Claire drove the car towards Zack and drove very fast.

Joe yelled. “No, no, no! Claire, what do you want to do?!”

“Shut up.” Claire’s low voice came from the headset.

Zack spotted the approaching vehicle. They stood on the left side of the car and fired crazily at the car.

Claire turned the steering wheel slightly. There was a blind spot in their line of sight. As soon as she pa.s.sed by, she swiped the mouse and her avatar quietly turned out from the right window and hid behind a big tree.

Due to inertia, the car was still running forward.

Zack and the others didn’t see Claire getting out of the car and continued to chase behind the car and shoot.

They were led away.

Claire was temporarily safe and began to pick up the bullets on the gra.s.s.

The audience watched with trepidation.

“d.a.m.n, I can’t believe my eyes!”

Becky and Phoebe were dumbfounded.

From the beginning to the end, Claire remained expressionless, and this series of actions were neat and beautiful!

Joe clutched his chest, still in shock. He turned his head to look at Claire next to him, only to find that she was facing the computer, but her eyes were not on the screen.

What was she looking at?

Joe followed Claire’s gaze and found that she was staring at the hands of the three people on the GIO side, watching them tap the keyboard or swipe the mouse.

Was… was she observing their gestures?

Did she want to find out what they planned to do?

Joe was stunned.

The light from the screen illuminated Claire’s face and her eyes flashed with a sharp light.

They were scattered.

Good chance.

Claire opened the map, looked at the spreading scope of the poisonous barrier, and quickly identified her target.

On the other side, Carlos of GIO was wandering in the building and even ran to the rooftop to dance.

Watching this, the audience laughed out loud.

Carlos swiped the mouse back and forth, bored and drowsy.

Suddenly, there was a bang. He s.h.i.+vered and then saw his avatar fall to the ground. Immediately after, his name grayed out too.

A message popped up.

[Claire of the Red Team shot and killed Carlos of the Blue Team.]

“d.a.m.n!” Carlos pounded the table with anger, staring at Claire fiercely.

One would easily expose his shortcomings when he got carried away.

“F*ck!” GIO’s Aidan cursed, and quickly ran to Carlos, looking around, trying to find the location of Claire.

“Don’t look for her anymore! The poisonous barrier is spreading to your side, run!” Zack yelled in the headset.

Joe and the others found that Claire was still lying on the gra.s.s with the poisonous barrier behind, and she had no intention of getting up.

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