The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 232 – Game Over!

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Chapter 232: Game Over!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Hey… Claire, what are you doing? Get up and run!”

Derek looked at the big screen, distraught.

Why hadn’t Claire run away yet!

What was she waiting for?

The audience was whispering to each other.

“Is she crazy? Why hasn’t she run?”

“Does she want to admit defeat? Commit suicide with the poisonous barrier?”

“That’ll be too shameful. Then she might as well be ready to get shot.”

The poisonous barrier swept over and soon covered Claire. Her HP was quickly decreasing.

Aidan was running in front.

Claire took a sip of the energy drink, aimed at the running Aidan, and pulled the trigger.

There was a loud bang.

Aidan was killed.

The people on the GIO side were all dumbfounded, staring in astonishment. Zack clenched the mouse, and his arrogance was instantly gone.

How… how was this possible?

The audience was in a great uproar.

“Oh my G.o.d! Is GIO so weak?! Three professional players can’t get rid of Claire and two of them were even killed by her!”

“Now it’s a one-one draw.”

“s.h.i.+t, what the h.e.l.l!”

Claire was still in the poisonous barrier, and her HP was getting less and less.

She opened her backpack and Joe and company took a closer look.

d.a.m.n, the backpack was full of energy drinks.

Claire finished off several bottles of drinks, then got up and ran out of the poisonous barrier.

Now there were only two people left, Claire and Zack.

Zack was no longer as leisurely as before, and his palms began to sweat.

If he lost this, it would be a big disgrace for him!

Zack wanted to hide first, but the poisonous barrier had spread out and there were very few places to hide.

Therefore, he would meet Claire eventually.

He must find the right time to kill her first!

Zack was lying on his stomach, looking around but couldn’t find Claire no matter how hard he searched.

d.a.m.n, the safe area was not big, and there was a poisonous barrier outside. Where could she hide?!

What Zack didn’t expect was that Claire was in the poisonous barrier.

She was far away from Zack, and Zack didn’t dare to approach the poisonous barrier, so he couldn’t find her.

Although Claire’s HP kept decreasing, she kept drinking energy drinks to replenish it and observing Zack’s actions with the telescope.

Suddenly, her head became dizzy, her vision gradually blurred, and Zack in the telescope became blurred too.

Joe found that Claire’s face turned pale and she didn’t seem right.

“Claire, are you okay?”

Claire was a bit breathless. She closed her eyes and forced herself to stay awake.

Because Zack was too far away, his figure in the telescope was almost just a small spot.

Claire took the last sip of the energy drink, then narrowed her eyes and aimed at the small spot in the telescope.

With the slightest movement of her hand, she might miss the target.

And there was only one chance because Claire had no energy drinks anymore.

Claire’s life bar began to flicker, and at the moment when her HP was about to run out, she pulled the trigger and the bullet flew out.

Zack was still lying on his stomach in the gra.s.s looking for Claire, and suddenly he heard a bang. His avatar fell down.

Game over!

Game over!

Two big words ‘You Lost’ popped up, stinging Zack’s eyes, and he felt like he was in a dream. He simply couldn’t believe it.

He lost?

He lost to a high school student who didn’t know anything?!

No, no, this was impossible. This must be his illusion!

The audience gasped in shock.

“Am I dreaming? GIO… lost?!”

“This world is crazy…”

“Wow, Claire has killed three GIO professional players in a row. This feels like cheating!”

“Did she use a plug-in?”

“Screw you. When she lost, you said she deserved it.. Now that she has won, you said she used a plug-in. Isn’t this too hypocritical?”

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