The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 233 – Passed Out

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Chapter 233: Pa.s.sed Out

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Phoebe and Becky looked at each other, their faces extremely ugly.

Becky stomped her feet with anger and screamed. “Ahh!!! How could my brother lose? He is a professional player!”

Dora’s scornful voice floated over. “Yes, professional player, but lost. Is he rubbish? Hahaha…”

Derek added. “He can’t even beat a high school student even after bringing such advanced computer equipment, hahaha…”

The two stood akimbo, throwing back their heads to laugh long and loud.

Everyone: “…”

Becky’s eyes reddened instantly and she was about to cry.

Phoebe raised her head and stared at the computer screen, feeling tightness in her chest.

Was Claire really so good at playing games?

How did she do it?

In the arena, the five GIO team members remained frozen in their seats, their eyes almost popping out. Mired in self-doubt, they turned pale.

Joe and company jumped up, gathered in front of Claire, and cheered loudly. “We won, we won, hahaha!”

Suddenly, their faces stiffened, and they looked at Claire in surprise.

“Claire, your nose…”

Claire felt a warm current overflowing from her nose and dripping on her lips. And she tasted blood.

Then, with a plop, she fell to the ground.


When she woke up again, she was in a hospital ward.

Claire looked around and saw Joe and the others sitting on the sofa, Dora throwing back her head and crying, and Derek whining in despair.

“Oh my G.o.d, can you stop crying? She’s not dead!”

Dora whimpered. “She is not your mom. Of course you don’t feel anything!”

Derek was taken aback for a moment.

Her words were strange.

“Is she your mommy?”

Dora cried even more loudly.

At this time, Joe found that Claire was awake, and the group of people rushed over. They gathered around the hospital bed, and asked babbledly.

Annoyed by the noise, Claire said hoa.r.s.ely, “Be quiet.”

Everyone shut up.

Claire frowned and asked. “What’s wrong with me?”

Joe replied. “You pa.s.sed out with a nosebleed. The doctor said you are overworked.”

With that, he started to sob. “I’m sorry, Big Sister Claire. It’s all because of me. I will buy you the most expensive supplements to help you recover your health!”

Chuck chimed in. “Then I will buy a ma.s.sage chair for Claire!”

“Then I’ll serve Big Sister Claire water and tea!”

“I can feed Claire meals!”

Dora threw herself on Claire and began to cry again.

In the evening, Claire was discharged from the hospital.

The news that GIO lost to a group of high school students went viral. The video of the game was posted on the Internet, causing a great uproar. Everyone was discussing it and was marveling at their magical operation.

Even when they walked on campus, they would attract a lot of onlookers and discussions.

“It’s them who defeated GIO.”

“I remember they also have a team name. What is their team name?”

“RAW, meaning rose and wine.”

“Wow! So romantic. I remember this name. Hope they can become professional players!”

“They should be the first esports team in our school?”

“Yes! I will be a fan of RAW from now on.”

Joe straightened his chest, looking so proud.

When the cla.s.s was over, Claire was sleeping, her face covered with her hat. The door was crowded with students outside the cla.s.sroom, who were peeping in.

“It’s her, Claire. She should be the captain of RAW, right?”

“She killed three members of GIO alone. I was there and saw it with my own eyes!”

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