The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 235 – : What Shit Dreams

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Chapter 235: What s.h.i.+t Dreams

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Derek was indignant and shouted at the man’s receding back. “Hunter, you will regret it!”

Hunter hurried back to the study. His composure was gradually burned with anger. He grabbed the metal ornament next to him and slammed it on the ground.


He could never do those silly things!

To prepare for the second match, Joe and the others didn’t dare to relax and followed Claire to practice after school every day.

Phoebe and Becky walked behind and happened to see this scene.

Thinking of the game a few days ago, Becky turned red in anger.

“Phoebe, you’re right. She must have defeated my brother by playing dirty!”

Phoebe nodded in agreement. “Maybe, she really cheated with a plug-in!”

“What should I do then?” Becky looked at Phoebe with a look for help. “If they beat my brother by abnormal means again, my brother will definitely collapse!”

Phoebe evoked a sly smile. “I have a way. Do you want to listen?”

Becky nodded vigorously.

Phoebe leaned in her ear and whispered.

It was getting late. Joe finished training and arrived at the door of his house when he saw Becky coming out of his house.

“What are you doing here again?”

Becky didn’t say a word, gave him a deep look, and walked away with joy.

Joe walked into the door.

His mother was sitting on the sofa and yelled at him, “Hey, you, come here!”

Joe walked over and saw a few photos on the coffee table.

There were photos of him, Claire, and the others walking together, of him entering Claire’s ward for training, and of him playing the computer game against Zack.

“Mom, these are…”

His mother stood up and slapped him hard. “It’s no wonder that you went out early and returned late recently. It turns out that you’re fooling around with these people. Fortunately, Becky kindly told me and asked me to persuade you to return to the fold!”

Hearing this, Joe was furious.

Becky, this nasty woman!

His mother pointed to the photo. “Do you know who this person is? She’s Claire, the girl that the Smiths took back from the countryside, who is ill-bred and gets into fights and makes trouble all day long! How dare you hang out with her?!”

Joe argued back. “Mom, Claire is not that kind of a person. She is very smart and powerful…”

His mother interrupted him angrily. “Look at you, what did you learn from her?! Disconnect from her, now! And uninstall that d.a.m.n game. You’re not allowed to play it again!”

“Mom!” Joe resolutely said, “I like this game. I’m going to compete with Zack, and I will be a professional player in the future. This is my dream!”

“What s.h.i.+t dreams. Don’t even think about it!”

Joe said huffily, “Isn’t Zack a professional player? Why can’t I be one as well?!”

His mother snapped loudly. “How can you be compared with him? Zack has been smart since childhood, while you, stupid since childhood. What makes you think that you can be a professional player?!”

These words, like thorns, stuck to Joe’s heart.

He couldn’t bear it anymore, crying and yelling. “Why have you been belittling me since I was young? You said I was good for nothing and always compared me with others. Why do you never believe that I can succeed?!”

“Cut the c.r.a.p. If I say no, then you can’t do it!” his mother dragged him upstairs, pushed him into his room, and s.n.a.t.c.hed his cell phone. “I have asked for leave for you. You’re grounded these days and not allowed to go out!”

With that, she closed the door and locked it.

Joe slapped the door fiercely, roaring from inside.. “Mom! Let me out. I must go to the game tomorrow!”

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