The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 237 – : There's Trouble

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Chapter 237: There’s Trouble

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Becky was in a very good mood. “School is over. Let’s go. I will treat you to milk tea.”

Phoebe hesitated and said, “I have to be on duty today. You go back first.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.” Becky carried her school bag and left happily.

When Becky walked out of the campus, Joe suddenly stood in her way, followed by several other boys.

She subconsciously took two steps back, a little panicked. “You… what do you want to do!”

Joe stared at her gloomily and asked. “Becky! You slandered me in front of my mother and destroyed our computer equipment, right?!”

“I… I just hope you don’t fool around with that Claire anymore!” Becky stammered.

Joe couldn’t help but sneer. “You did this because you were afraid that your brother would lose, right?!”

Becky’s eyes widened, and she was speechless.

Joe looked at the girl and gradually showed a disappointed look. “I really liked you. I have been treating you very well, haven’t I? Whatever you asked for, I tried my best to satisfy you. I understand that you wanted your brother to win, but a game is a game. I really didn’t expect you to be such a sinister and despicable person!”

Sinister? Despicable?

These two words were a great insult to Becky, especially since there were several other boys present.

She clenched the strap of her schoolbag. “I’ve done it. What do you want? Do you want me to apologize to you?”

Joe’s expression gradually cooled. “No! I must have been blind to fall for you. From now on, you will no longer be our friend. Remember, we don’t know you!”

In an instant, Becky looked at Joe with panic.

She never expected things to get this big.

Joe actually wanted to kick her out of this small group?

“I… I didn’t mean it…” Becky still wanted to explain.

Joe turned around indifferently, and the other boys in the group glared at her angrily.

Becky’s eyes instantly reddened, and she burst into tears.

Emperor Game Club.

Zack had won the game and was in a good mood.

He planned to hang out with his teammates. When he came to the hall, a girl came over and pa.s.sed them.

The girl was wearing a cap whose brim was pulled down. Her face was covered with a mask, and she put her hands in her pockets and walked lightly and swiftly.

Zack turned his head and looked at her. “Who is she? Looks so mysterious.”

Eddie said in astonishment, “Didn’t you see the badge on her chest? She is April!”

“April?!” The others also exclaimed.

“Why did April suddenly come to the Emperor?”

“Did something big happen?”

April hadn’t joined any club. She had been to the Emperor Game Club a few times as warmly invited by the club chairman, but every time, she left soon.

Always coming and going without a trace, she was very mysterious.

On the other side, Claire pushed open the door of the office, and the club chairman immediately got up and smiled enthusiastically at her. “Why did you suddenly come, April? Please take a seat.”

Claire sat down on the sofa. Not in the mood to greet him, she directly threw her phone on the coffee table.

The club chairman stopped making tea. “This is…”

“Check it out.” Claire’s voice was slightly m.u.f.fled by the mask and was very cold.

The club chairman put down the teapot and picked up the cell phone. It was a video of a game match.

As he watched, he frowned and his face became solemn.

There was trouble.

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