The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 240 – Phoebe Fights With Her Classmate

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Chapter 240: Phoebe Fights With Her Cla.s.smate

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Ahh…” Phoebe covered her face and screamed in pain.

Jessica was stupefied.

The school was swarming with people. Hearing the scream, they stopped and quickly gathered around.

Phoebe recovered from the pain and looked at Becky in shock. Her face was flushed red with the heat. “You… what are you doing?”

Like a lunatic, Becky was completely devoid of reason at this moment. “You told me to destroy RAW’s computer equipment and make Joe’s mother lock him up! You harbored ill intentions but instigated me to do those things without getting your hands dirty, right?!”

Phoebe looked at the onlookers with a hint of panic. “Becky… calm down. I know what happened to your brother makes you upset, but I really don’t know what you are talking about!”

Becky said fiercely, “Very good, continue to pretend! You lured me into doing these bad things and made me look like a sinister and despicable person. Joe hates me and has thrown me out of the small group. I lost all my friends. But how about you? Everyone thinks that you’ve done nothing wrong! Why didn’t I find out earlier that you’re so insidious!”

Discussions began to rise all around.

Phoebe continued to pretend to be innocent. “Becky, have you misunderstood something…”

Becky evoked a contemptuous smile. “After all, you are just the adopted daughter of the Smiths, a fake daughter. Do you really think you’re popular? It was because of me that you could join that group. Joe and the others were willing to take you as their friend because of me! Everyone in the small group comes from a rich or powerful family, but who are you? You are nothing but a fake daughter!”

These words deeply hurt Phoebe.

She bit her lips tightly and her eyes turned red with anger. “You said that I lured you into doing this, but do you have any evidence? I think you are just slandering me!”

“Evidence? Of course, I have a call recording!” Becky took out her cell phone, pressed the play b.u.t.ton, and turned the voice to the maximum.

Phoebe’s voice came from the phone.

“I have a good idea. Don’t you live next door to Joe? You can find an opportunity to go to his home and secretly smash the computer equipment. How can they win if their equipment is destroyed?”

The onlookers were shocked and started whispering to each other in urgent voices.

“Phoebe is too vicious, right?”

“I told you she is not simple at all.”

“It’s not the first time she tried to set up Claire.”

“Although I don’t know what happened, this is breaking news!”

“No… I didn’t say it. You must have forged it. Give me the phone!” Phoebe rushed up, trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the phone.

Soon, the two got into a scuffle, and beat each other brutally.

With a hand in her pocket, Claire watched quietly. “Do you know what this is called?”

Derek widened his eyes in confusion. “What?”

Claire tilted her head, smiled wickedly, and said slowly, “This is called…’dog eats dog’.”

Derek burst into laughter.

The Smiths’ house.

Ada’s cell phone rang suddenly.

She picked it up and found that it was from the

After the call got through, the said on the other end, “Mrs. Smith, you need to come to school.”

Ada was usually called to school to attend the parents’ meeting or because Phoebe had won some award.

But nothing had happened in the school recently.

Could it be… Claire had caused trouble again?!

Upset, Ada asked. “What happened? Did Claire…”

“Phoebe Smith was fighting with her cla.s.smate at school,” the replied.

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