The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 241 – Used Me As Her Tool

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Chapter 241: Used Me As Her Tool

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Upon hearing this, Ada was stunned. “Phoebe? Fight?! I wonder if you’re mistaken.”

“No, Mrs. Smith, please come to school quickly. The other girl’s mother has already arrived.”

Ada couldn’t believe it.

Phoebe had always performed well in school and was gentle and nice. How could she fight with others?

Hanging up, Ada hurriedly prepared to go to school.

Allen came down from the second floor. Seeing her about to go out, he asked. “What’s wrong?”

Ada said anxiously, “Just now the called and said Phoebe was fighting at school!”

“Fight?!” Allen frowned.

Ada hurried to the school and rushed into the’s office.

At the first glance, she saw Phoebe standing against the wall, her face strangely red and showing several cuts. Her hair was messy, her sleeves were torn, and she looked a total mess.

Phoebe’s tears trickled down her cheeks. “Mom…”

Ada ran over and hugged Phoebe. “Mom is here. Don’t be afraid. Are you injured…”

Phoebe kept crying.

“Mrs. Smith.” The shouted.

Ada raised her head and saw a woman standing next to the She was slender, exquisitely dressed, and wearing expensive jewelry. The girl in her arms was crying too, similar to Phoebe’s situation.

The introduced her. “This is Mrs. Collins.”

She had met with Mrs. Collins several times.

“Mrs. Collins, your daughter is a bit too much. How could she beat my daughter like this?!” Ada preempted.

In her opinion, Phoebe had always been docile and well-behaved, and couldn’t be a troublemaker. This fight must have been initiated by Mrs. Collins’s daughter!

Mrs. Collins snorted coldly. “You’d better listen to the recording first before talking!”

There was a cell phone on the desk. The pressed a b.u.t.ton on it and Phoebe’s voice came from it.

After listening to the recording, Ada was shocked and at a loss. “Phoebe, what does this mean?”

Phoebe sobbed and said, “It was Claire… Claire wanted to play a game with Becky’s brother. Becky was afraid that her brother would lose, so she came to ask me what to do. I told her about this idea. I just wanted to help her and mentioned this, but I didn’t expect her to really do it!”

“Bulls.h.i.+t!” Becky pointed at Phoebe and yelled. “You wanted to set up Claire but used me as your tool!”

Irritated, Ada snapped at Becky. “So, you would just do everything Phoebe asked you to do? Didn’t you have your own opinion? Now you want to put the blame on her?”

Becky was too scared and started to cry.

Mrs. Collins s.h.i.+elded Becky behind her and looked at Ada contemptuously. “Anyway, it was your daughter who lured my daughter ino doing bad things, and it was also your daughter who beat my daughter first. There are recordings and a surveillance video of the same. This is all the evidence!”

Phoebe sobbed. “She splashed the milk tea in my face first.”

“G.o.d!” Ada was frightened and hurriedly cupped Phoebe’s face with her hands. “Let me see if you’ve been scalded!”

Mrs. Collins sneered coldly. “Splash? Do you have any evidence? My daughter was walking too quickly and accidentally spilled the milk tea on you, but you rushed over to beat my daughter first. The surveillance video showed it clearly!”

“Um…” At this moment, the finally spoke and tried to play the peacemaker. “I think both children did something wrong.. Why don’t you just reconcile? It will do them no good if the dispute escalates.”

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