The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 245 – Shame

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Chapter 245: Shame

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Mrs. Collins said coldly, “It’s up to Becky. Becky, what do you think?”

Becky replied huffily. “Do you think a simple apology is enough? I want you to apologize to me in front of the whole school, and write an apology letter and post it on the school bulletin board!”

Phoebe suddenly raised her head, staring at Becky in astonishment, almost thinking that she had heard it wrong.

Ada said on the side, “Becky, I think you’re going too far!”

“Going too far?!” Mrs. Collins said sternly, “Your daughter has gone even further. If you don’t want to apologize, you can just say no. But then don’t blame us for using other means. My husband loves our daughter the most. If he knows what happened to her… hmph, Mr. Smith, you should know what I mean.”

Allen took a deep breath. “Yes, Phoebe… will do it!”

“Dad…” Phoebe looked at Allen incredulously.

Why did Dad force her to do so?!

“And.” Mrs. Collins glanced at Ada. “Last time we were in the’s office, Mrs. Smith ranted at me, should she apologize too?!”

Ada got up from her seat with a jerk and flushed red. “This is too much!”

Allen pulled her down. “Hurry up! Do you forget what I said at home?!”

Their company’s important project still had to rely on the Collins. Ada had to hold back her anger. She lowered her head, and gritted her teeth. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Collins!”

Mrs. Collins smiled contemptuously.

As soon as they left the restaurant, Phoebe started crying. “I don’t want to apologize. I don’t want to write an apology letter. It’s too shameful…”

“Shame? You know shame now. Then why did you do that?!” Allen yelled at Phoebe, “Because of you, I had to apologize to a little girl. Is it not shameful for me?!”

Ada protected Phoebe. “Many people in school will see her apology letter. How can Phoebe go to school in the future?”

“Shut up!” Allen pointed at Ada and reprimanded her. “It’s because you dote on her every day that she became like this. You must be responsible for what you’ve done!”

Lance Middle School.

The cafeteria was crowded with people.

Among the crowd, Becky leaned against the chair, with her legs folded casually. There was an arrogant air surrounding her.

“You can start now.”

Phoebe stood in front of her. She lowered her head, and bit her lips hard, trembling all over.

“Hurry up!” Becky urged impatiently. “Don’t forget what your father said yesterday!”

Phoebe suddenly clenched her fist, suppressed the inner anger, and said word by word with difficulty, “I… I’m sorry. I was wrong…”

There was a lot of discussion all around.

“Do you remember how she ferociously fought Becky two days ago? Haha, why did she apologize now?”

“Because she gave in!”

“The Collins are very powerful. Don’t mess with them!”

“Why did she mess with someone she couldn’t afford to offend? She deserves it.”

The discussion sounds, like sharp blades, were ruthlessly cutting Phoebe’s heart into pieces.

Becky stood up slowly and walked up to Phoebe with a scornful and arrogant smile. “See? You join the small group because of my help. Now, your dad must rely on my dad to do business. You… will always be stepped on by me! By the way, don’t forget to write an apology letter. I can’t wait to read it!”

Phoebe’s eyes turned scarlet, and she wished to strangle Becky on the spot, but she didn’t have the guts, so she could only clench her fists. Her nails went deep into her palm.. She pushed her way through the crowd and fled.

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