The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 249 – King Tonight

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Chapter 249: King Tonight

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Hunter looked down and saw his name written in the column of ‘Claire’s Guardian’ on the registration form.

Besides his name, there was another name.

“Gallon Miller?” Staring at the name, Hunter’s eyes were as sharp as a blade. “He is her guardian as well?”

“Yes, you two accompanied her to the sports meeting together.”

Hunter looked away with a long face and snorted coldly.

The dean was confused and didn’t understand what he meant.

“Hunter!” Derek rushed over.

Hunter glanced at him and stepped inside.

Derek ran to the dean to register. “He is my guardian.”

Everyone in the venue was chatting hotly. Hearing the sound of footsteps at the door, everyone turned their heads and looked. The talking voices stopped abruptly, and their faces changed in an instant.

The atmosphere became weird and oppressive.

It was Hunter Johnson.

“He brought Derek over, right?”

“I heard that he has recovered from his brain injury!”


“Yes, he’s normal now.”

That being said, everyone was still fearful and gave way to the side, not daring to approach him easily.

Phoebe cast a suspicious look at Hunter.

He had recovered?

No wonder she didn’t see Claire stay with him recently.

That’s right, only a fool would like Claire, and when he becomes normal, he certainly wouldn’t want her.

Did this mean that she had a chance?

Thinking of this, Phoebe’s eyes filled with joy. Her heart started beating very fast, and she couldn’t wait to go to him.

Sitting in the corner, Claire looked at the man in the distance. Her small face was covered by shadows and no emotions could be seen, but her pupils were shaking slightly.

After a while, she withdrew her gaze, her hands clenched the corners of her clothes, and her breathing was abnormally fast.

Hunter found a place to sit down, and many people looked over here, but he still keenly caught an unusual look.

He tilted his head slightly and met a hot gaze. Under the light, the girl’s pupils were crystal-clear as if not mixed with the slightest impurity. Under her eye, she had the same tear mole as his.

Dora was looking straight at Hunter, with a spicy gluten in her mouth. As he looked over, she grinned at him and the spicy gluten slipped from her mouth and fell to the ground.

Hunter frowned and quickly looked away.

Was this girl a fool?

“What are you looking at?” Rick Hilton, who was sitting next to her, followed Dora’s gaze, his face was dark, and his tone was cold and unhappy. “Is he that good-looking? You’ve been staring at him!”

Dora hugged Rick. “Oh, is Rickie angry?”

The spicy oil on her mouth stained his clothes.

Derek walked in and sat straight beside Claire.

He knew that Smiths would definitely ignore Claire, so he must accompany Claire.

Not long after, Dora also ran over.

She tugged at Claire’s clothes and pointed somewhere.

Claire followed her finger and saw Hunter, who was not far away. He was sitting there alone and there was something cold and majestic about him. No one dared to approach him.

“What’s the matter?” Claire asked.

Dora didn’t speak but just smirked.

The charity auction began.

The stood on the podium and delivered a speech. Then, the donations were exhibited one by one for people to bid on.

A necklace attracted everyone’s attention.

“Wow! This necklace is so exquisite!”

“Is this… designed by Echo, the jewelry master? Which parent donated it? She is so generous!”

“She should be the king tonight, right?”

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