The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 252 – Surveillance Camera Damaged

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Chapter 252: Surveillance Camera Damaged

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Claire turned her eyes, her sharp gaze sweeping everyone past, and her voice was flat and cold. “Who is in charge of the donated goods?”

The dean of students came out, saying tremblingly. “It’s me…”

Joe’s mother suddenly rushed up, grabbed the dean by the collar, and screamed like a shrew. “Where is my diamond? Where did you hide my diamond?! Hand it over right away!”

The dean was terrified. “I… I really didn’t steal the diamond…”

“Quiet!” Claire frowned impatiently and asked the dean of students. “Where were the donations kept?”

The dean replied. “My office.”

“Get the surveillance video.”

“OK.” The dean responded and turned to leave.

Claire looked at him coldly. “If you want to prove your innocence, you’d better not move.”

“Huh?” The dean didn’t understand what she meant.

Claire looked at the and said in a slightly commanding tone, “Call the surveillance room.”

“Oh, OK!” The nodded.

He took out his cell phone, called the surveillance room, and asked the other side to send the surveillance video out.

The other end seemed to say something, and he suddenly exclaimed. “What?!”

Everyone was taken aback and asked. “What’s wrong? Did something happen again?”

The hung up the phone, his face all dark, and he said to Claire, “The surveillance camera in the dean’s office… is damaged!”

His words, like a bombsh.e.l.l, aroused panic in everyone on the scene, and they even began to criticize the school.

Claire narrowed her eyes. As she expected, the thief had come prepared.

The crowd was still arguing, and suddenly they saw Claire stepping out.

“Hey, where are you going?!”

Claire’s unhurried voice floated over. “Surveillance room.”

The crowd was in an uproar and followed her.

Derek also stood up, only to see Hunter sitting leisurely on the chair as if there was a barrier around him so that he could turn a deaf ear to what was happening around him.

“Hunter, let’s go, let’s go together!”

Hunter rolled his eyes at him and ignored him.

The small surveillance room was crowded with people, leaving no gaps.

In the room, there was a whole row of surveillance systems, on which were the screens that displayed the videos.

Claire looked at the surveillance system and began to fiddle with it.

Soon, she stopped. It seemed that she had found the problem.

She pulled a chair out and sat down, typing on the keyboard dazzlingly fast.

After a long while, Claire stopped and said leisurely, “The surveillance video is restored.”

The crowd was in an uproar again, still with some doubts.

“Really? Can it be restored?”

“She can distinguish between true and false diamonds and restore surveillance video. Is she so powerful?!”

Ada and Phoebe were stunned.

Especially Ada, watching Claire tapping on the computer every day, she never expected that she was so good at the computer!

The crowd swarmed around her.

The surveillance video was playing. On the screen, a man in black appeared. With a needle, he easily opened the dean’s office.

Although the donated items were all locked in a safe.

But within five minutes, he opened the safe, took out the Cullinan diamond, and put a fake in.

Claire looked at him deadpan, her eyes as calm as stagnant water.

This man moved neatly and skillfully. He seems to be an old hand and his background couldn’t be simple.

“Gosh, it was really stolen!”

“Was my watch also replaced by a fake one?!”

“How did he get in?”

Joe’s mother had almost gone crazy and kept murmuring, “Diamond, my diamond…”

“This person…” Suddenly, the dean of students exclaimed.

Claire glanced sideways at him. “What? Do you know him?”

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