The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 253 – Gang Of Thieves

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Chapter 253: Gang Of Thieves

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“He is Brent, a security guard of the school!”

Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked.

“It turned out to be the school’s security!”

“Where is the security guard? How dare he?! Get him here quickly!”

Claire leaned back on the chair, raised her head, stared at the screen, and said slowly, “He has already run away.”

“How do you know that? Are you in a group with him?”

Claire coldly glanced at the idiot who said this and smiled playfully. “Is he supposed to wait for you to catch him instead of running away?”

The man was speechless.

“Let’s call the police first.” Someone had already taken out his cell phone.

Claire turned the chair around, straightened up, and continued to tap on the keyboard.

She took a screenshot of the man’s face.

Everyone looked closer, only to see her inputting a bunch of messy codes. The keyboard was crackling, no one knew what she was up to.

Soon, the sound stopped abruptly.

Claire leaned back lazily. “His information has been found.”

On the computer, there was a high-definition photo of the thief. Below was his name, ID, number, and other information.

His real name was not Brent and the ident.i.ty he had used was fake.

Not long after, the police rushed over.

The policy chief was questioning the dean of students.

“You’ve found out the thief’s information? Who did it?”

Everyone looked in one direction in unison.

Following their gaze, the policy chief saw the girl leaning on the chair. Her legs were folded, her posture was lazy, her hair was pulled behind her ears, showing her beautiful neck. She was sitting there alone and there was something cold and gloomy about her.

The police chief showed a surprised look.

Hearing that they had found out the thief’s information, he thought it must have been done by some technical expert, but it turned out to be a little girl.

He walked over, looked at the information on the computer, and ordered his team members. “Get a citywide manhunt for him, now!”

“Don’t bother.” Claire said indifferently.

The police chief turned his head and looked at the girl in confusion. “What do you mean?”

Claire didn’t answer right away. Instead, she dragged the keyboard close and tapped on it quickly. Soon, a crisscrossing route map appeared on the screen, with a red dot flickering somewhere.

“Got him.” Claire tapped the red dot with her finger. “Here.”

She kept zooming in on the map, and the specific geographic location appeared below.

The police chief immediately sent the address to the team members. “Go, don’t let him run away!”

Derek and Dora squeezed out of the crowd, stood on either side of Claire, and began to brag.

“Woohoo! Claire is awesome!”

“She could not only identify the authenticity of the diamond, but also track the thief’s location.”

The two were like giving a talk show.

Soon, the thief was arrested, and not just him. The police tracked down a gang of thieves behind this guy and caught them all.

This theft team had been giving them a headache for a long time.

They were extremely cunning, proficient in unlocking, undermining surveillance, and making fakes.

Every time, they escaped successfully without leaving any clues.

This time, they finally caught them!

The police handed the diamond to Joe’s mother.

She held the diamond to her lips, kissed it, and cried excitedly.

At this time, Dora said, “Since the diamond has been retrieved, shouldn’t you apologize to Claire?!”

Everyone was discussing this.

“Whose child is this? Did you hear what she said?”

“It’s too embarra.s.sing for an adult to apologize to a child, isn’t it?”

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