The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 254 – A Priceless Treasure

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Chapter 254: A Priceless Treasure

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Why is it embarra.s.sing?” Dora looked at the crowd and raised her voice. “Whether it is an adult or a child, it is normal to apologize if he did something wrong, isn’t it?”

Everyone was speechless.

Joe tugged at his mother’s clothes. “Mom, I told you that Claire is not the kind of person you imagined. She is very powerful. She helped you get back the diamond. You should at least apologize to her.”

Joe’s mother looked embarra.s.sed, but it was indeed thanks to Claire that she got back the diamond.

She walked up to Claire and said sincerely, “Thank you for helping me find the diamond. I apologize to you for my bad remarks before.”

Claire didn’t speak and only shrugged.

“, will the charity auction continue?” someone suddenly asked.

The said, “Since there are still so many donations left, let’s finish it, OK? Anyway, we still have time.”

No one raised an objection and the crowd walked to the central building again.

At this time, the police chief came upto Claire.

“Girl, may I have your contact information?”

“Why?” Claire looked at him coldly.

The police chief smiled and said, “Just now I saw that you knew how to search for the criminal’s information and locate him, so I think…”

“No need.” Claire interrupted him indifferently, slipping her hand into her pocket and walking out slowly.

The police chief scratched his head.

This girl was not so easy to deal with!

The auction continued, and a new exhibit was shown.

In the bright gla.s.s cabinet, there was a dull stone placed in it. Its surface was rough and b.u.mpy.

The hall suddenly boiled, mixed with ridicule.

“Who donated this? A stone?!”

“This guy must be crazy. Who would bid for a d.a.m.n stone? Does he think we’re fools?!”

“Isn’t it said that the value of the donated item can’t be less than 50,000 dollars?”

“Wait!” Someone suddenly guessed in surprise. “Isn’t this the fragment of the meteorite from a hundred years ago?!”

As soon as he said this, everyone stopped laughing.

One hundred years ago, one night, a huge meteorite suddenly fell in the West Continent.

When the survey team hurried over, there was indeed a deep concave crater on the ground, but the meteorite was gone. In the end, only one remaining fragment was found.

The fragment was kept in a laboratory for research and then was sent to a museum. After a lot of toss and turns, it was bought by a mysterious old man. There was no more news about the fragment since then.

Someone searched for its picture on the Internet and compared it with the stone in the gla.s.s cabinet.

It was exactly the same.

If this was really that meteorite fragment, it was a priceless treasure, and all donated items were no match for it.

“Who donated this? How could he own this meteorite fragment?”

Everyone looked around.

Phoebe was annoyed, wondering who donated this stone, causing her and her mother to miss the honorary certificate and the chance to be recorded in the school’s annals!

Looking around, everyone rested their gazes on Hunter Johnson. If it was the Johnsons, it made sense.

Joe tugged at Derek’s clothes and asked. “Was this really donated by Hunter?”

“No…” Derek shook his head blankly. “He only donated a watch.”

On the stage, the quoted the starting price.

Everyone gasped in shock. The starting price was frighteningly high.

They looked at each other, all hesitating, not daring to raise their number plates.

What if they couldn’t afford to buy it in the end? That would be a big disgrace!

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