The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 257 – Mr. Walker, Mr. Walker, Mr. Walker

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Chapter 257: Mr. Walker, Mr. Walker, Mr. Walker

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“You…” Rick’s handsome face was distorted, and he gritted his teeth. “Do you really like him?!”

Realizing that the man had misunderstood, Dora hurriedly explained. “No… not that kind of like. It’s another kind of like. Do you understand?”

Like is like. What’s the difference?

There was a fire in Rick’s heart.

Dora stepped forward, stuck to him again, and said very seriously, “Anyway, you have to respect him, OK?”

Rick stared wide in anger.

What?! He had to respect him?!

“Humph!” Rick threw the girl’s arm away, turned and walked away quickly.

Dora hurriedly chased after him. “Rickie, are you angry?”

Rick said gruffly, “Don’t hold me to sleep tonight!”

“Huh?” Dora wailed. “Don’t. I’ll be scared if I sleep alone, Rickie…”

In the Smiths’ house.

Claire walked to the second floor and was about to enter the room when Phoebe suddenly rushed over and stared at the certificate in her hand, looking crazy.

“When Mom said that she didn’t prepare anything for you, why didn’t you tell her you had already donated? You deliberately didn’t say that, right?! You just wanted to steal my thunder and make Mom lose face!”

Claire narrowed her eyes and smiled. “It’s my freedom to say it or not. If you are unconvinced, donate something more expensive than my piece.”

With that, she smiled contemptuously at her, walked into the room, and slammed the door.

Nothing went well today. Phoebe was about to explode with anger.


At noon, the rooftop.

Larry lay on the chair, enjoying the suns.h.i.+ne comfortably.

Derek kicked open the iron gate and walked over. “Why do you have to call me over? I’m busy.”

Jack snorted and said, “Oh, we’re so honored to be allowed to see you. How can you be busy?”

Derek pulled a chair over and sat down. “I’ve been busy studying recently.”

“Huh?” Larry suddenly sat up and looked at him incredulously. “You? Study?!”

Derek raised his eyebrows and said with an ostentatious tone, “You guys know nothing. Mr. Walker said that as long as I get into the top ten in the school in the coming exam, he’ll give me a reward.”


Jack and Larry both fell silent.

The atmosphere was inexplicably weird.

After a moment of silence, Jack coughed dryly. “Well… a new movie was released recently, and the rating seems to be pretty good.”

“Oh, that one…” Derek interrupted. “I’ve just watched it with Mr. Walker. It’s not that good.”

Larry rolled his eyes.

They began to talk about the charity auction last night.

Jack said to Larry, “It’s a pity that you didn’t attend it. It was wonderful last night. Big Sister Claire stunned everyone. She discerned the authenticity of a diamond with her naked eye and helped the police arrest a theft gang!”

Larry gaped in shock. “Really? So awesome?”

Derek said, “Why would we lie to you? My sister-in-law has always been so awesome. I planned to buy the Cullinan Diamond and give it to Mr. Walker, but she told me it was fake.”

“That’s enough!” Jack suddenly stood up, pointed at Derek, and roared angrily. “You have been here for ten minutes and have said five sentences to us but mentioned Mr. Walker three times! We are not interested in Mr. Walker, ok?”

Derek looked at him calmly. “You nuts are wasting my study time.”

He stood up and left the rooftop.

Jack pointed to his head. “I think there is something wrong with his mind.”

Larry nodded in agreement.. “I think so too.”

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