The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 259 – You Must Have Targeted Me A Long Time Ago

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Chapter 259: You Must Have Targeted Me A Long Time Ago

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

They were taken to their seats.

In front of Claire was a young police officer who asked. “What’s the matter? Who stole your wallet?”

The man immediately pointed to Claire and Dora and shouted. “These two stole my wallet on the bus and didn’t admit it!”

The young police officer looked at Claire and Dora up and down and couldn’t help sighing. “Girls, you are still at the age of schooling. You should turn to your parents for help if you have financial difficulties instead of stealing. You will regret what you did when you grow up!”

Claire raised her eyes, her eyes sharp. “Did you find the evidence?”

The young police officer said carelessly, “I’ve seen too many girls like you, OK? Come on, take out the wallet and call your parents.”

Claire leaned back in the chair, crossed her legs casually, and said with a sneer, “Oh… So, just because you’re a police officer, you can accuse a person without any evidence, right?”

Other people around all looked over.

The young police officer looked embarra.s.sed and had to ask the man. “Did you see them steal your wallet with your own eyes?”

The man hesitated. “I didn’t see it with my own eyes, but the two of them were standing next to me. Who else is it?”

“If you don’t have evidence, you can’t say that.” the young police officer shouted to the front. “Tom, go to the bus headquarters and get the surveillance video.”


Before long, the surveillance video was delivered over.

In the video, there was a crowd of people. Dora was indeed standing next to the man, but there were so many people that it couldn’t be seen whether she took the wallet or not.

“Look, her hand moved!” The man suddenly pointed to the screen. “It must be at this moment that she took my wallet!”

Dora said huffily, “I can’t even move? Do you mean I should stand upright like a zombie?”

“You…” The man was speechless.

Each stuck to his argument, and the surveillance video was not clear. The young police officer didn’t know who to believe.

At this moment, Claire tilted her head and looked at the man coldly.

The man felt very uneasy under her stare. “What… why are you looking at me like this?!”

Claire asked the man. “Is your wallet blue in color?”

The man patted the desk and jumped up. “She admitted it, she admitted it! How did you know that my wallet is blue if you didn’t steal it?!”

Claire said slowly, her voice calm as a pool of stagnant water, “You got on the same bus stop as us. Before you got on the bus, there were two people standing on your left and right and pa.s.sing by you at the same time. I saw the person on the left was holding something blue. It should be your wallet.”

The man widened his eyes and froze for a long time before he snapped. “You even noticed that? It shows that you had targeted me a long time ago and now you just want to blame others for your crime!”

The young police officer waved his hand and motioned to the man to sit down. “Stop arguing. Let’s just check the surveillance video.”

Tom leaned close to his ear and whispered. “The place where they got on the bus is very remote. The surveillance is nothing but decoration.”

“Well…” The young police officer coughed dryly and looked at Claire. “There is no surveillance over there, so there is no way to prove that your words are true.”

He asked the man again. “Do you remember two people pa.s.sing by you?”

The man shook his head in confusion. “No.”

The young police officer glanced at Claire.. “Look, even he doesn’t remember. How can you remember it so clearly? And you even remember that one person was holding something blue?! Did you really target him a long time ago?”

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